We always like hearing the great positive comments from Members about how our Instructors, Trainers and Coaches make a difference in their lives. Here is a selection of recent recommendations. We encourage you to give us your testimonial.

About Angie Scott, Spinning®, Group EX and Personal Training
“She has a quiet strength and elegance. She is great at creating community in the class through her enthusiasm and humor. She is a leader of the class and a participant in it. She is one of us. That makes things fun.”
-Meg Dawkins, Montpelier

About Scott Barker, Tennis Pro
“He is so personable. He helps me with everything and he will make me keep at it until I get it right. And he makes me laugh with his contagious laugh. I’ve been working on my serve for five years and he is so patient.”
-Caitlyn Bashara, Montpelier, Member for 5 years

About Mike Rossi and Extreme Workout
“...I feel like I get a full body workout! It gets every muscle group and aerobics. There is no way I would push myself this hard on my own.”
-Bob Barrett

“I can tell you why I come to this class in two words: Mike Rossi. He is buoyant and energetic and joyous. He encourages you to push to your limits, but he knows when you are trying too hard and paces you.”
-Bill Pelton, Member for 20 years.