January Schedule


Get your heart pumping with these group cycling classes where participants can modify the bike’s resistance to meet their own personal workout/training needs. Bring your energy, and prepare to have fun. Heart rate monitors recommended but not mandatory. 45 or 60-minute class.

Intro to Spinning®

Class offered periodically and seasonally.

Saturdays 10:30 - 11:30 AM

Next Session: TBD

Pre-registration is required. Free for Members.

Spinning® Energy Zones

The Spinning® program offers five different Energy Zone™ rides: Recovery, Endurance, Strength, Interval and Race Day.


Recovery Energy Zone rides lend much-needed balance to your fitness program. Also called active recovery, Recovery EZ rides are intentionally easy, a good alternative to passive recovery, i.e., taking a day off entirely. Although both are important, active recovery has been proven to be more effective in flushing out excess lactic acid from the muscles and increasing circulation throughout the body.
It may come as a surprise, but it’s not the high-intensity training sessions that make you stronger—it’s the recovery process that gives your body time to adapt to progressively harder workouts and strength training. Without enough rest, it’s virtually impossible to make significant fitness gains. 1 training session/week is recommended


The Endurance Energy Zone is the heart and soul of the Spinning program’s five Energy Zones.
The Endurance EZ increases aerobic capacity and improves cycling economy (meaning your body has to expend less energy at any given intensity). Endurance training should make up the largest percentage of your total training time, and it is the foundation upon which you build your fitness and performance goals. Whether you are a world-class athlete, a Spinning class regular or a beginning exerciser, most of your workout time should be spent in the Endurance EZ. EEZ should cover 70% of one's training sessions/week - or 3 days"


This Energy Zone builds your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular systems. The SEZ trains the ligaments and tendons of the legs to handle high-intensity training and improves power and climbing ability. 1 training session/week is recommended


The IEZ is an integral part of any training program. Interval training—abruptly increasing and decreasing the heart rate by manipulating the intensity of the activity—is beneficial for anyone looking for a way to enhance fitness and overall health. If you want to take your training and conditioning to the next level, the Interval Energy Zone (IEZ) is an excellent way to get there. 1 training session/week is recommended


Race Day is your chance to test yourself; to put everything you’ve learned through all those weeks of training on the table. Are you up for the challenge?
The Race Day Energy Zone (RDEZ) is a celebration, an opportunity to apply the consistent training you’ve been practicing in the studio to a peak performance effort. This means that you should take every measure to ensure that you are both physically and mentally ready for such a challenge when the day comes. The RDEZ is not to be taken lightly; it requires complete focus, dedication and undeniable desire. A Race Day ride can help you effectively measure and quantify your goal setting as it relates to your Spinning or cycling training plan.

* RDEZ - Riders should only participate in one race day per month.