Pool Rules

The following are general rules. In addition Members and guests must follow staff instructions and posted notices

o Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult swimmer over the age of 18 at all times, even when there is a lifeguard on duty.
o No Running, dunking, splashing or general horse play allowed.
o No playing ball or throwing games.
o No “Hold your breath games”.
o No Diving from the shallow end or sides of the pool. Diving is allowed from the deep end only.
o No flips, twists or back dives.
o NO GLASS CONTAINERS! No gum, food, beverages other than water in the pool area.
o No lotions, oils or conditioners applied before entering the pool.
o Shower before entering the pool or spa. There is a shower in the pool area.
o NO SHOES on the pool deck except flip flops or water shoes for indoor use only.
o Hair shoulder length or longer must be tied back or in a cap.
o Proper swim attire is required. Bathing suits or swim trunks must be worn at all times in the pool and spa. No cut-offs or garments with fringe.
o Anyone that may be incontinent must wear a swim diaper or rubber pants in the pool.
o Belt flotation devices and water weights are for adult swimmers only.
o No arm floats may be used.
o Feel free to use kick boards and noodles. Please put equipment back after use.
o At the lifeguard’s discretion swimmers may be asked to complete a swim test. The deep end test will consist of swimming the front crawl from the black deep end line to the deep end wall and back without stopping. The test subject may not touch the sides or the bottom. If you fail to pass the test you will be required to stay in the shallow end.
o The lifeguard’s job is to provide a safe and fun environment in the pool area. All decisions made by the lifeguard are final. Please respect these decisions.

Spa Rules:

o Pregnant women, people on medication, persons suffering from low blood pressure or diabetes should not use the spa without consent from a physician.
o Children under the age of 7 may not use the spa. An adult must accompany children between the ages of 7 and 14. Children under 75lbs. should not stay in the spa for more than 5 minutes.
o No swimming, playing or going under water in the spa. No toys allowed in the spa. No walking around the outside edges of the spa.
o Limit usage of the spa to 15 minutes. Cool off before re-entering.
o Please turn the spa jets off if you are the last to leave by pressing the button.
o Please ask if you need assistance entering or exiting the spa.