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See Rosalene Bussiere of Many Words Herbs appearing on New Earth Lifestyles. She discusses health and how she came into the herbal practice.

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Services and Products

  • Client Consultations
    Initial Consultation - During this consultation we will review in detail your health concerns, mineral, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies. Initial Consultation is 2 hours.
    30,60 and 90 minute sessions available.
  • Custom Herbal Formulations
  • Bulk Medicinal Quality Herbs
  • Reiki Sessions: 30, 60, 90 and 120 Minutes - special interests in Energy Healing, Reflexology and Chinese cupping
  • NADA or Acudetox
  • 9th Chakra Activation Technique (SRT Release Technique)

    Roselene Bussiere, Certified Herbalist, Reiki Level III Certified

    About myself

    My name is Rosalene Bussiere and I’m a Certified Therapeutic Herbalist. I’m a wild crafter and forager and I enjoy spending much time in the woods looking for medicinal plants and mushrooms. My interests in herbalism peaked when by chance I met my beautiful teacher in 2011. At that time I was interested in natural healing for myself and my family. I have been a chronic pain suffer since I was child and I’m always searching for alternative ways to manage my pain. I’ve never taken Allopathic medicines and through self-discovery and much research I’ve been able to manage my pain levels with the help of herbal remedies and exercise.

    I’m a Reiki III Practitioner and I’m currently studying for my Masters Certification. I have a passion for Kinesiology, Reflexology, Chinese Cupping and Energy Healing. I will be offering Reiki sessions as part of my new practice.

    I have a certification in NADA or Acudetox, which is ear acupuncture that works with five pressure points (Sympathetic Point, Shenmen Point, Kidney Point, Liver Point and Lung Point). What does Acudetox (NADA) do? They alleviates symptoms from cravings, anxiety, depression, insomnia, body pain, and gastrointestinal. Due to withdrawl from Heroin, Cocaine, Morphine, Marijuana, Alcohol, Amphetamine, and Prescriptions drugs.

    9th Chakra Activation Technique (Certified in the SRT Release Technique)
    What happens when the 9th Chakra is misaligned?
    1. Distorted Brain Messages
    2. Misalignment of the spine
    3. Headaches/neck pains
    4. Contracted shoulder muscles (shoulder/arm pain)
    5. Contracted spine muscles (back pain)
    6. Contracted hip muscles (hip pain)
    7. Tighten hamstring (knee pain)
    8. Tight calf muscles (foot pain)
    Resulting in Body imbalance and shortened leg lengths.

    This technique not only re-aligns the spine/9th Chakra promoting healing but changes people's lives and helps them move forward. The 9th Chakra is activated by correctly seating the principal point into correct alignment.

    How did I decide to open an herbal practice?

    Since I was 17 years old I’ve always worked in business office related jobs. I never received a degree in this field it was just who I was. I went to college for a Liberal Studies degree and earned 62 credits with a special interest in Human Development and Psychology. So here I am; an adult as a business professional feeling displaced in a profession that wasn’t me. One day I realized my body was sicker and weaker than I had ever been. It didn’t happen overnight to get this way; I had been failing in health for some time. (In fact I can’t remember never being sick with Arthritis; I’ve been a suffer since I was 4 years old.) Ultimately my body had been talking to me all along; it had sent me plenty of warning symptoms but I ignored them for many years thinking pain was normal. It had been telling me through pain that I needed to make a change. It was my time to get out of my current occupation and make many changes. To celebrate life and to take better care of myself! So here I’m today 50 lbs. lighter managing my pain and practicing Herbalism as a profession. I had finally found who I was always meant to be.

    What is Therapeutic Herbalism?

    Therapeutic Herbalism is the understanding, practice and knowledge as to how herbs and each body system works together to promote healing.
    The practice of Herbalism is a beautifully blended science with a holistic approach. It is composed of chemistry and physiology specific for each client’s needs. The practice includes diagnostic techniques such as Constitutional remedies, herbal profiling, herbal preparations, formulation of medicinal plants, case studies and diagnostic techniques such as applied kinesiology.

    What is My Goal?

    My goal is to successfully manage an Herbal/Reiki practice that will not only help my client’s manage illness and pain, but educate them so they may share this knowledge to future generations. Together we will detox, evaluate nutritional decencies and feed your body for optimal health. This practice is not just a business it’s a personal journey that I wish to share. You are your OWN UNIQUE CREATION! Let’s make this New Year resolution together to be about personal growth and wellness. I look forward to staying healthy with you this coming year!
    Many Blessings