Junior Swim Fit & Competition Skills

with Christian Avard, Aquatics Director and USA Swimming Coach.

The First in Fitness junior swim-fit/swim team season was a huge success. Why? Because they all had fun. That was the goal for the inaugural swim-fit/swim team season. The team comprised nine swimmers: Carter Somani, Leland Perry, Kade McRitchie, Grace and Elena Noyes, Morgan Towne, August Howe and Clara and Milly Launderville. They swam from November to late February, competed in swim meets and improved on their strokes (freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke).
"It was amazing to see how far they've gone," Head Coach Christian Avard said. "They finessed their strokes by leaps and bounds in three months. It was heart-warming to witness it."
The First in Fitness swim team, called the Barracudas, competed at two swim meets in Lisbon, NH and Springfield, VT. Swimmers loved to compete and there were four exciting relays at the Springfield meet. The swimmers enjoyed the relays the most this season. The 10&U medley and freestyle relays comprised Grace Noyes, Clara and Milly Launderville and Morgan Towne. The 14&U relays comprised Elena Noyes, August Howe, Leland Perry and Kade McRitchie.
Avard was proud of what the team accomplished. He hopes to start a new swim team program at First in Fitness this summer. For more information contact Christian Avard, cavard@firstinfitness.com or call (802) 223-6161.

Level Desciptions

Can front and back float, swim 25 yards, comfortable in water and under water. Focus will be on creating a base of all 4 strokes and survival strokes. Will be introduced to a swim fit workout. Ages 6-10

Must be able to swim 50 yards of the front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke, and must accomplish 25 yards of the butterfly stroke. Focus will be on improving technique and efficiency. Participants will swim multiple sets varying in distances. Will be introduced to a swim fit workout. Minimum Age: 8


Participants must know all correct turns and starts and be able to swim 100 yards of each stroke. Focus will be on perfecting technique and efficiency as well as developing the individuals’ strengths and improving their weaknesses. Participants will swim a variety of sets including short and long distances of all 4 strokes. Will be introduced to a swim fit workout. Minimum Age: 12