Class Descriptions

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Yoga classes

Fluid Core Yoga with Ali

Vinyasa flows with an emphasis on core and upper body strengthening. 60 minutes.

Rhythmic Flow Yoga with Ali

Nourish yourself and feel good with a well balanced practice of yoga. Begin with the physical body: oxygenate your cells with yogic deep breathing, deep stretches, aligning, balancing and strengthening postures. Delve into the spiritual: moment to moment presence, commitment to higher self and raising group consciousness. Ignite your mental realms: fine tune your senses, beam your inner light. Live your fullest potential! 60 minutes.

Tuesday Night Yoga with Glenn

De-stress, relax and rejuvenate in this Level I class with Kripalu certified yoga instructor Glenn Scherer. 75 minutes.

Pilates Classes

Pilates I *

This level I class is for those familiar with the basic pilates exercises and ready to string them together into a flow. 60 minutes.

Pilates I/ II *

For those who have completed the Essential series and/or have a basic command of the Pilates method, this class will move more quickly through the exercises and present modifications for both level one and level two students. 60 minutes.

Pilates II & Pilates II & III *

These classes are for those with pilates experience and incorporates more advanced variations of the exercises and small equipment for challenge. 60 minutes.

Balance, Strength & Stretch*

This 6 week series is designed to improve balance, strengthen musculature associated with balance and maintain the health of your soft tissue with static and dynamic stretching. Better balance allows for increased ease of movement and injury prevention. Balance is important to practice at all ages. However, it becomes especially important as we get older. Please come and learn some simple balance and core exercises to keep you strong, stable and on your feet!
*You must have completed an Essential Pilates series or have previous Pilates experience to take these classes.

Spinning® Classes

Spinning ®

Get your heart pumping with this group cycling class where participants can modify the bike’s resistance to meet their own personal workout/training needs. Bring your energy, and prepare to have fun. Heart rate monitors recommended but not mandatory. 45 to 90 minutes.

Introduction to Spinning®

Learn bike set-up and basic techniques in order to make Spinning training a regular part of your fitness. Class offered once a month from October to April. 60 minutes.

Other Group Exercise classes

Extreme Workout with Mike Rossi

A total body workout with a focus on core work and mental toughness. Bring your workout clothes and a desire to achieve positive change. 60 minutes.

Muscle Mania

This class will work all the muscles in the upper body, core (abs and back), glutes, and legs. Through the use of all of the equipment in the studio, we will move consistently through all of the exercises that will hit muscles that you didn't know you had. With quick transitions and the use of larger muscle groups, everyone will experience an elevated heart rate for added cardio benefit. All fitness levels are welcome and modifications can be provided. 60 minutes.

Stretching for Every Body!

This class will help you be more flexible for all of your activities. A perfect complement to your fitness program. All ages and all abilities. 60 minutes.


Tabata is a high intensity, mainly body-weight class designed to target participants cardiovascular system challenging them aerobically. The class format pairs short duration exercises and rest periods. This is a great option for individuals looking to get a quick (30 Minute) aerobic workout with a group of people that is both fun and challenging. Music is upbeat with a quick tempo to match the pace of the workout. It is recommended that participants do a short warm up prior to class. Instructor, Angie Scott

TLC Fitness

TLC Fitness - Tone, Lengthen and Condition - is a group fitness class that is designed to bring you increased flexibility as well as improved muscular strength and endurance. With a dash of cardio for an overall feeling of well being. 45-minutes

Contact Group Exercise Director Janice Pello ( or phone 223-6161 with questions regarding GE classes.

Aqua classes

Aqua Aerobics

A variety of toning and strength training exercises done mostly in the deep end for an overall workout. Stretching done in the shallow end. 60 minutes.

Aqua Movement for the Body

This class includes a variety of fitness components: endurance, strength, flexibility and stretching exercises. Activities utilize both the deep and shallow ends of the pool as well as encouraging instruction to benefit your body both physically and mentally. Background music used to inspire fluid movement. Come take a mini vacation for your body! 60 minutes.

Easy Does It!

This class is designed for beginners, people returning from injuries or surgery, arthritis sufferers, and overweight people. While water walking in the shallow we will work on balance, flexibility, muscle strength, and joint stability. In the deep we will work on core, stretching and relaxation. Aqua shoes are advised. A gentle reminder to hydrate before, during and after class. 60 minutes.

In the Deep

Incorporating all the components of fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Multi-level class for everyone. Come make some waves!!! 60 minutes.

Contact Janice Pello ( or phone 223-6161 for more additional information.