Aquatic FAQ's

How big is the pool?

The pool is 25 yards with 6 lanes.

How many laps are there in a mile?

There are 36 laps (down and back) in a mile.

Can you provide assistance for entering and exiting the pool?

Yes, we have an ADA approved pool lift for those that need assistance entering and exiting the pool.

When can I swim laps?

Almost any time. See schedule. We try to keep one to two lap lanes in during most class times.

Can I water jog, water walk or bring my family in during lap swim times?

No,the entire pool is reserved for lap swimmers who are swimming the length of the pool in a continuous manner during lap swim times.

Can I bring my child in the pool during aqua aerobic classes?

We ask that you wait until the class is done due to noise levels and as the class may be utilizing both the shallow and deep ends of the pool throughout the class.

I am interested in swimming lessons but don't know what level?

See Swim Lessons

Do you offer adult and children's lessons?

Yes, we offer lessons for adults and children. Lessons are offered in group, semi-private or private settings.

Is there always a lifeguard on duty?

We generally have certified lifeguard staff on premises from 10am to 6pm Mon-Fri. and 9am to 4 on Sat. and Sun. Please note that the guards must attend to other pool related duties and may not always be watching the pool.

Can I leave my child at the pool while I workout?

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a competent adult at all times. Children 14 and older may swim without adult supervision only when there is a lifeguard on duty.

How old must my child be to go into the hot tub?

Your child must be 7 years of age to enter the hot tub with you. Children 7-14 years old must be accompanied by a competent adult.

Is there a swim team for children and for adults?

Yes, there is a swim team for children. It runs during the winter months. Contact the Aquatics Director. Adults interested in swim team should check out the Masters Swim Program.

Do you have personal training in the water?

Absolutely! It is a great place to get into shape.